WELCOME to Nuts Over Milk

You know how a growing number of people are now choosing to stay away from traditional milk for a number of important reasons, Nuts Over Milk provides the people of Melbourne a modern and tasty alternative – raw almond milk. Our milk is made fresh and just like most seriously nutritious food actually needs to be kept refrigerated.

Raw almond milk contains all the nutritional value of dairy and soy but without the side effects, it is an alkaline plant-based and mouth watering milk providing you with nutrients beyond the imaginable. Here at Nuts Over Milk, we make it for you to drink fresh, we are vegan friendly, gluten free, soy-free and believe that moo milk is boo.

We are a local and sustainable bunch and pride ourselves on doing our bit by recycling our fashionable glass bottles. Let us know what you think of them?
Using Australian almonds and a lot of them too, our raw almond milk is 100% bio-dynamic ensuring a full creamy flavor of the highest consistency and quality. It is a cold living food, meaning that it has not undergone any commercial heating and contains no thickeners or additives.

For way too long, the commercial food and beverage industries have exposed us to choices that are hormone and artificial preservative enhanced with little or sometimes no nutritional value at all. At Nuts Over Milk things are different, we believe that if we wouldn’t have it, than neither should you. Our mission is to educate and provide the beautiful people of Melbourne nutritious milk for every age, gender and ethnicity to be used for all occasions, big or small, hot or cold, with a loud group of friends after a grueling CrossFit session or a quiet peaceful meditating moment for a devoted yogi. Every body deserves the best, why should you treat your body to anything less?

Nuts Over Milk nut milks are to be kept refrigerated at all times, we like to be stored ‘top shelf’ as this is where nutrients most prefer to be housed for maximum value. Of course don’t limit yourself and loved ones to using our delicious milk with muesli and wholesome green smoothies only as the richness of our milk is really expressed in a chai lattés, almond milk lattés, a hot choc-almond ganache and a scrumptious quinoa plum compote based porridge too.

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We are a hard working bunch but must admit that we are absolutely, utterly and entirely in love with what we think is the best milk in the universe, we are crazy about it and proud of it too, we are Nuts Over Milk.

Nuts Over Milk is most suitable to those wanting to regain or maintain superior health by replacing inferior milk substitutes for a modern and healthy one.



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